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Be part of the growing number of women who are discovering the benefits of a new generation of Motiva implants, offering personalized aesthetic beauty that suits your needs while providing safety.


Furthermore, breast augmentation in Malaysia is steadily gaining popularity and some clinics and hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and Johor are now offering competitive breast augmentation with Motiva. Both local and foreign patients are discovering the advantages of seeking breast augmentation with Motiva implants in Malaysia in terms of international quality medical care at a low cost.


What makes Motiva ergonomix implants unique is because of the better manufacturing practice done by Establishment Labs with more than 30 years of producing innovative implants with the highest level of safety and performance. Motiva Implants are produced to meet the needs of patients for safety and mimic both the look and feel of a natural breast.

Features of Motiva Implants in Malaysia​​​​

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The ProgressiveGel Ultima allows the implants to mimic the natural curvatures of the body by readily adapting to natural body movement. This unique silicone gel transforms into a tear-drop shape when standing and forms a round shape when lying. This is similar to how natural breasts behave depending on the patient’s changing posture. As a result, these implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue.


The Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid) is another Motiva innovation. The Qid is the first microtransponder approved for human use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All Motiva Ergonomix products include a biocompatible RFID (passive radio-frequency identification) chip that stores the patients' medical and breast implant data.

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The Motiva implants, which are renowned for their high quality in 60 countries around the world, are only available to experts with extensive clinical trials and expertise. Motiva implants are strictly monitored to ensure that they meet women's beauty and safety standards.


In the unlikely event of implant rupture, Motiva will provide you with a free replacement of a similar breast implant - as recommended by your surgeon - under the Always Confident Warranty. Concerning the Product Replacement Policy, all Motiva Implants are covered in the rare case of capsular contracture with Baker grades III or IV within 10 years of the affected breast implants' breast augmentation.



Motiva is well-known for its natural look and feels while bringing comfort to women, especially those who are always on the go.

What are rippling?

In some cases, skinny patients may experience a rippling phenomenon after their breast augmentation. Ripple-like fold and wrinkles become visible at the time when the patient leans or bends forward.


Motiva implants address this challenge by providing a 100% filling rate to its implants. This offers a fuller and more natural breast projection and eliminates the rippling phenomenon, which commonly occurs in women who have skinny body figures.

The Motiva implant minimizes the chance of rippling due to its 100% filling rate, making it the best choice for women with thin skin or thin figure

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